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Nos Racines sont notre avenir

Tuesday 3th June 2010 at 6.30pm
 "Nos racines sont notre avenir"

In many tropical countries, food crops are traditional varieties of root and tuber species selected by farmers during millennia. This rich agrobiodiversity is nowadays threatened by numerous factors, including environmental and diet changes. This movie describes the situation in Vanuatu and suggests to farmers concrete and practical solutions for their future.
         "Our roots are our future" is a movie for educational purposes. This film is for teachers who wish to explain to the younger generations the vulnerability of their biological and cultural heritage under the pressure of globalization. Film bonuses offer practical tools such as demonstration of pollination techniques or the production of chips at the village level.

  racines    Nos Racines sont notre avenir :
Des racines et des tubercules

 Patricia SIMÉONI
en collaboration avec Stevenson Liu
et Sam Obed
avec la participation des Seedsavers
et la musique de KRK